Embraer makes the E-Jets, the 1600 full

A milestone for the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer. Embraer has the 1600. E-Jet delivered to Helvetic Airways.

You are the product of the Brazilians. In 2002, Embraer introduced the E-Jets for the first time to the Public. Two years later, the Lot was witnesses with the Acquisition of a E170 first operator of the new model series of Short - and medium-haul flight. Since then, the aircraft manufacturer, in 1599, has shipped more copies.

Number 1600, was on Wednesday (1. July) on Helvetic passed. The Embraer E190-E2 carries the registration number HB-RUS, and is the fifth machine of the Swiss Wet-Lease specialist. You got below the cockpit a sticker with the number 1600. "It is a great milestone in the E-Jet program and in the history of our company," says Embraers new civil aircraft-in-chief Arjan Meijer.

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