Coronavirus leads to UV-light Boom

The Corona pandemic is forcing Airlines and airports to deal more with disinfection. Now, the aviation industry discovered in the large style and ultra-violet radiation.

In 2017, the Falcon came to Hamburg. At a small Stand at the aviation fair in AIX Arthur turn mountain and his son Elliot presented at the time of their invention, the Germ Falcon. This is a Trolley that is pushed through the cabin aisle, his wings, or better said, arms spread, and with Short-wave ultra-violet radiation (UV-C) seats, tables and armrests disinfected. "I'm a surgeon and in the hospital, we use ultraviolet radiation to kill germs," said Arthur turn mountain.

"When I read a study on the spread of Influenza by airplane passengers, I wondered, what Airlines for the disinfectant to do," says the inventor at the time. "And the answer was: nothing." As aeroTELEGRAPH Other industry representatives asked for their opinion on the Germ Falcon, the bottom line is usually: A good idea, but why Airlines should spend money on it? So it remained in the years to calm the Falcon. The breakthrough was the turn Bergs and their invention initially denied.

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