As Austria's politicians struggled

After the war, Austria started in aviation at Zero. At the beginning of Austrian Airlines 60 years ago, two contrary were political camp.

The first regular international flight in the world was on 1. April 1918, opened in Austria. It led from Vienna to Kiev. Austria was a pioneer in the global air travel. It was promoted first of all, only Post. All of this changed five years later.

In 1923, the Austrian air traffic AG, or, in Short, Ölag, launched its first flight from Vienna to Munich. It quickly developed into the fourth largest airline in Europe. However, the Nazi rule was spent. After the occupation of Austria in 1938, Ölag had to stop the operation. They went to Lufthansa.

Own air sovereignty back

It was not until 1955 – ten years after the end of the war – regained its air sovereignty. It was founded two airlines, the operating but never the shots. One is the "black" Air Austria, the conservative ÖVP. The Other was the "red" (SPÖ) and Austrian Airways.

Despite political differences, they came together later. In 1958, the two Airlines joined together and on 30. September 1957 was founded in the Austrian Airlines. The first scheduled flight on the 31. March 1958 – as the maiden flight of the Ölag – from Vienna to London. Austrian Airlines had chartered for the operation of four Vickers Viscount 779. Two years later, the Austrian Airline acquired six Vickers Viscount 837. 20. February 1963, finally followed by the first Jet, a Caravelle VI-R with a capacity of 80 seats.

First Long-Distance Connection 1969

In 1969, Austrian Airlines or from what they call the Austrians, and lovingly, for the first Time in a long connection range: Vienna – New York. bot 18. June 1971, were delivered to nine DC-9-32, three months later, motet, Austrian Airlines the last Vickers Viscount 847. The Airline had a fleet of over a pure Jet.

There are eight DC-9-80, with the exception of the flight operations of the Airline so that in 1978 opened the main office in Vienna, received a stylized tail fin of the DC-9. In 1985 itself, Austrian Airlines carried two million passengers in the year. 1997 Austrian in the castle itself as one of the first Airlines in the world airline Alliance, the Qualiflyer Group, under the leadership of Swissair.

Proximity to Swissair

It was not a good decision. Austrian Airlines left the Alliance two years later and joined the Star Alliance after it came to a quarrel with Swissair, The Swiss had tried to participate in Austrian Airlines without their Knowledge. The exchange came at the right Moment. In 2001 Swissair filed for insolvency proceedings.

About the same time, Austrian Airlines acquired Lauda Air, specialising in holidays and Charter flights. Up to the year 2005, the Airline grew to become the market leader for flights to and from Central and Eastern Europe. Financially, Austrian Airlines but not well: Since the founding, the airline had a blanket with a thin capital to fight.

Tough Austerity

In 2006, a tough austerity prescribed rate, 500 jobs were lost in the way and many long-haul flights – for example to Sydney and Shanghai were cancelled. At the same time, the fleet was harmonised Airbus long-haul aircraft, four Airbus A340 and four A330, were abolished. Thus, the long backlog-haul fleet of exclusively Boeing 777 and 767.

CEO Alfred Ötsch had kept the independence of Austrian Airlines at the time of his assumption of office in April 2006 for essential, he had to change two years later, his opinion: In June 2008, the Austrian government commissioned the investment Bank Merrill Lynch with a Takeover of the airline. Deutsche Lufthansa was able to prevail.

Lufthansa takes over

After criticism of the method in which in the end only the Lufthansa was left, there was fierce criticism of the decision. AUA CEO Ötsch resigned prematurely from the company. The EU Commission approved in July 2009, the Takeover was subject to conditions. Both Airlines Start and land had to give up rights between Brussels and Vienna and several German cities.

In 2014, Austrian Airlines, flew, finally, after six years back into the profit zone. Today, the Airline flies 88 aircraft worldwide 130 destinations, and will promote in this year, for the first time to 12 million passengers. The long-haul network will be expanded again.

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