Also, Emirates brings the room in the First Class

Emirates renews the cabin of their Boeing 777. Especially the First Class gets an Upgrade, but also in Economy and Business, something changes.

In the front of the flight to upgrade lines. After only Singapore Airlines has unveiled the new First Class suites in their A380 is now Emirates it. On the first day of the Dubai Air Show, the airline unveiled the new cabin of the luxury class. Instead of eight suites in a 1-2-1 configuration, there is only six in a 1-1-1 configuration.

All cabins are individual, small, separated rooms, with walls up to the ceiling. So far, the cabins were complete, but were open at the top. Overall, the room is four square meters in size. Also Emirates ' First Class Hotel Feeling. The guests can order via a Tablet about room service whenever they are hungry. In a Cabinet on the side you can store your clothes.

More Subtle Colors

Anyone who has booked a window seat, the binoculars is available, inform Emirates. So the guests in the cabin have to be seen in the middle of something, were there "virtual window", which will be shown live, what you can see on the outside. Another feature that advertises the Emirates: The seats have a "Zero-Gravity" Position to adjust. This should convey a feeling of weightlessness.

The first routes on which the new First Class is used, the Brussels and Geneva. The Design was inspired, according to the Emirates of Mercedes‘ S class. The color scheme and the lighting come to be much more modern and subtle, therefore, as it is in the previous cabin. Also in the Business and Economy of colors and lighting were adjusted.

Much more subtle

Also in Business Class sports cars as Inspiration, were it's called. Bright quilted leather and beige tones dominate now. The seats themselves are changing, however, hardly, the Formwork was darker. After all, In the Economy there are new screens, 13-inch diagonal.

Overall, the Design looks a lot neater and more modern, and Emirates is likely to appeal to a wider audience than the previously dominant brown and gold tones. The Gulf airline announced in Dubai in addition, the new Business seats in the 777 with the delivery of the first Boeing 777X. This is expected to be in 2020.

You can see in the above image gallery, how it will look in Emirates new First-rooms.

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