Alaska Airlines sends special-737 in pension

With special Boeing 737-400 transported to Alaska Airlines for a long time cargo and people together. So that will end soon. A new special version is available.

Cargo Alaska Airlines is currently working with five Boeing 737-400s. However, only one of the machines is a pure cargo aircraft. The four Other transport passengers and cargo at the same time. In the rear part of the plane with 72 passengers have space in front of the goods.

The 737-400 Combi is a peculiarity. No other major airline was. But for Alaska, a Region with widely spaced places, a few people, but, nevertheless, the need for always-available daily goods, whether the plane perfectly, so Alaska Airlines. You have promoted with the 737-400 Combi, a number of peculiarities, Alaska-Airlines-Manager Marilyn Romano. "And many of them were alive". The news Agency AP reported from Reindeer, injured eagles and exhausted sled dogs on Board.

A 737-700 is already in service

But soon enough with all the: Alaska Airlines will fly passengers and freight in the future, separated and plans, the Combi aircraft on the 18. To take October out of the service. In their place, three 737-700. Also this is something Special: they are the first 737-700 in the world, which have been converted from a pure passenger to cargo aircraft.

The machines with the identifiers N627AS, N626AS and N625AS was delivered to Boeing in 2001 to Alaska Airlines. The first converted aircraft has already received the service, and bring Goods from Seattle to Alaska. Its renovation lasted 19 months and was carried out in Tel Aviv of Israel Aerospace Industries. There are currently converted the two additional 737-700 aircraft to Cargo aircraft.

Better Position in the freight business

Alaska Airlines hopes to better to the needs of cargo customers focus. In addition, the airline announced that the new cargo fleet will have 15 percent more capacity than the previous one. Although the 737-700 were smaller, you could carry around 4.5 tonnes more than the current 737-400 cargo plane. Of the 17 municipalities in Alaska are to benefit, which supplies the Airline.

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