Airlines warn of huge delays

A new EU regulation has stricter border controls. The member States are, apparently, insufficiently prepared for it. Therefore, passengers have to wait for hours at times.

The longest travellers had to wait in the EU at the security check. However, that is changing. The EU regulation 458/2017 of 15. March aims to minimise the misuse of stolen travel documents and to reduce the risk of Terrorist attacks. It obliges the member States, on the border of the cards scanned and added to the database for stolen documents.

So far, the documents of EU citizens were detained at the border only partially, what it takes a few seconds. The comparison with the database, however, can take up to 2 minutes, a spokesman for the European airline Association and A4E. Flights within the Schengen area are not affected, said the spokesperson. Most of the affected passengers comes also from the United Kingdom – and vacation is just like in many Other Parts of Europe of the time.

Thousands of flights delayed

A4E deplores that some member States were not prepared enough on the new controls. Due to lack of staff there to many borders to huge queues "At airports in Italy, Spain, Belgium, France and Portugal. at the border control of up to four hours", it is the Association. From the airports of Mallorca, Paris Orly, Milan, Lisbon, Brussels or Lyon, there were more and more "shameful images" of the long queues.

In the current holiday season, thousands of flights were so delayed, some passengers would have missed because of the waiting time of your flights. At some airports have increased the delay rate by 300 percent. The Association gives the member States the responsibility as quickly as possible, however, and the staff at the border controls to increase, because not all member States have implemented the regulation in the period running up to 7. October. So, A4E, could lead in the worst case, to even more delays.

Member States should increase the level of staff

"We support the efforts of the EU", it is the Association. The EU was also apparently aware of what is likely to have the impact of the regulation. In one of the points she draws the attention of member States on the need to increase staff and resources.

The "inability" of the member States, nevertheless the new requirements sufficient to prepare, to perform work now directly on the operation of the flight lines. "The member States must now make all the necessary arrangements, and on more staff to prevent such disorders," says A4E's Director Thomas Reynaert.


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