Airbus lets the passengers in the cargo area to sleep

The aircraft manufacturer offers to Airlines in the future, a module can be as fast as the Container in the flyer to invite. This sleeps to emerge under the deck.

Many did it as a delayed April fool's joke, or referred to it as a silly idea. Qantas chief Alan Joyce said recently, one has to consider, how could the cargo space on ultra-long distances, otherwise use it as a Container. He called bunks or fitness rooms as a possibility. In front of him had already thought Air France on such use.

Now Airbus is accompanied by the Cabin manufacturer Zodiac Aerospace is a concept that Joyce's ideas. Airlines can, in future, invite into their A330 modules, which included a couple of bunks, as the two partners on Tuesday (10. April) announced. You have already received a very positive Feedback from potential customers, explain them.

As soon invited, such as the Container

The idea is that airlines could generate with the sleep seats more revenue. The more passengers you can carry. Because at the Start, the traveler will need to take your normal seat. After that, you can go to the lower deck, where the beds are. The access to the sleeping room will be secured via the existing staircase leading to the sleeping places of the Crew in the lower deck.

The bunks-in module to quickly install. "It's the same speed as if you Container is particularly inviting," says an Airbus spokesman. Also must be on the plane, nothing changed, all the facilities for the cargo. "You have to connect the module only to the water, to the air supply and to the power."

More than just beds

Airbus and Zodiac expect to be able to the module 2020 to offer. Until then, the certification is to be completed by the authorities. It is envisaged that it can be installed in addition to the A330 later on, perhaps in the A350.

In sleeping rooms, it should not remain. Airbus and Zodiac can imagine, more certified modules with Other uses.

In the above image gallery to see what special rooms imagine Airbus and Zodiac.

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