Airbus A340 of Lufthansa in the case of fire damage

Incident at the Frankfurt airport. A towing vehicle caught fire suddenly. An Airbus A340 of Lufthansa came to harm.

It happened on the ramp. On Monday Morning (11. June) has moved to a towing vehicle at the airport of Frankfurt, an Airbus A340-300 of Lufthansa from the Gate. It should bring the plane to a different Position. The tractor caught fire.

In the result, the flames spread to the plane. Images of passengers in the Terminal in the blazing flames, and later thick, black smoke rising show interact. At the time of the incident no one was on Board.

Lufthansa machine with large damage

The security forces were able to bring the fire quickly under control. At the nose of the plane significant traces of fire and a lot of soot were then. As a spokesperson of Lufthansa Technik explains, has taken the A340 in the fire "great damage". Six people had to be treated for respiratory problems. Seriously, no one was hurt.

The A340 is wearing a Star Alliance livery. It is a machine of Lufthansa with the registration D-AIFA. The fire occurred in front of Terminal 1.

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Incident – Today, A lufthansa A340-300, registration D-AIFA got involved in a fire incident while being towed at Frankfurt Airport .

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