Airbus A330 from the shaved tail of an A321

Driving accident at the Ataturk airport in Istanbul: An Airbus A330 of Asiana collided on the apron with an Airbus A321 of Turkish Airlines.

The Airbus A330-300 had just landed. A little more than eleven hours before he was launched in Seoul Incheon flight OZ551. Now – it was just before 15 am on Sunday (13. May) – rolled the machine of Asiana Airlines swiftly to Gate number 218 the Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

At the same time, an Airbus A321 of Turkish Airlines taxied straight to the Gate. He would later on to Ercan in North Cyprus fly. The machine with the registration TC-JMM was parked. Since the A330 of Asiana, with the registration HL-7792 drove to your pre – to close.

First of all, only rotated

The A330 crashed with the right wing tip, and with considerable force in the A321. He caught the machine of Turkish Airlines at the lower end of the tail. First, the Turkish Jet was turned slightly to the right. Then the entire tail snapped to the left and remained on the tailplane.

The incident in Istanbul, no one was hurt. The A321 of Turkish Airlines, however, took greater damage. Also the wing of the A330 of Asiana shows a clear notch, such as recordings of on-the-spot show.

In the above image gallery to see images of the accident – and a Video that shows the sequence of events.

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