Air Koryo reduces the offer

The number of Connections between North Korea and foreign countries continues to drop. Now the state-run Air Koryo together strokes her offer.

The North Korean national airline, evaporated your flight offer from Pyongyang to Beijing by one-third: from the beginning Of January until the end of February, Air Koryo fly only on Tuesdays and Saturdays, between North Korea and China's capital, the newspaper reported the South China Morning Post . It refers to an Official of the national airline. Previously, it had given Thursdays a third weekly flight.

A justification for the step of Air Koryo. The newspaper suspected to be the reason for a reduction in demand, or North Korea's desire to save due to UN sanctions on fuel. In December, the flight line had already been set for the flights to and from Pyongyang to the Chinese Shenyang plant but, apparently, you in the middle of January.

Air China does not fly in the Winter

By the end of 2017, the UN had decided to ask the security Council for more sanctions against North Korea. As a reaction to the nuclear and missile tests by the regime, the Council is limited, among Other things, the deliveries of petroleum products to a quarter of the previously allowed amount.

In addition to Air Koryo, Air China flies only regularly between Beijing and Pyongyang. However, the Chinese state Airline had stopped flights at the end of November under the note on a weak demand for an indefinite period of time. Already in the past winter season, Air China had stopped the flights to North Korea. In April, she announced then, the offer also in the summer.

Meeting between North and South Korea

Last mutual verbal attacks between Donald Trump and North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-un had determined the news about the isolated country. However, the US President was also open for a direct phone call with Kim that if North Korea is willing to talk about an end to its nuclear weapons program.

In addition, North and South Korea want to talk to each other again. At the talks on Tuesday (9. January), it should go first to a participation of North Korea in the Olympic winter games in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang in February. But also humanitarian issues and a relaxation of military tension could come to the language.

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