A plane seat in the future

Three Teams of young researchers have tried in order of Lufthansa and the Deutsche Telekom at the future of flight. A took the plane seat.

Earlier it was called the open workshop, today's Fab Lab. The term describes a place where people get access to equipment and machines with which industrial production method for single pieces. In such a Fab Lab in Berlin, subtle young people in the last few months on the future of flying.

In the premises of the Fab Lab in Berlin's district of Prenzlauer Berg, the finalists of the fashion and technology competition from Lufthansa and Deutsche Telekom in-depth in the last months of their ideas. With the Smart Chair, which wants to develop the aircraft seat tomorrow. He's back on long-haul flights of the private space of the passenger in the focus, it says in the description.


On Board of the Airbus A380 from Lufthansa on the way from Frankfurt to Houston the Smart Chair was on Monday (8. January) presented and tested. He has a kind of retractable visor. It acts as a screen on which such information, and the in-flight entertainment can be displayed. At the same time, it creates privacy. There's a Problem but still. There is still no "curved Oled Screens in the required size," said Lufthansa in a media release. The project therefore have more "vision", - reads the Jury.

A faster implementation, you have to admit the Other ideas. The Team Feel, Flight has developed a Chatbot that can be addressed with Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. He can classify the needs of passengers and to the urgency of limbs. and so the Service operations the ideal control. The flight attendants get their turn in the uniforms of the cuffs, integrated small Displays that can help you in the performance of their Work.

Chatbot and Smart Glasses

Similar developed the Team Lyra. It is the program Lyra Connect, in order to reduce the run-of-ways and Service processes to improve built. Passengers can send to your Smartphone the simple requests of the flight staff. You can order such a beer, or ask if the connecting flight is yet to be reached. An available flight attendant gets the request through his Smart Glasses directly in front of the eyes, and "knows who ordered what or asked. The flight attendants can query additional information about the passengers," it says in the Description.

You can see in the above photo gallery impressions of the Smart Chairs.

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