Let L-610

  • CountryCzech Republic
  • Type40 seat regional airliner
  • PowerplantsL 610G - Two 1305kW (1750shp) General Electric CT7D9D turboprops driving four blade constant speed Hamilton Standard HS14RF23 propellers.
  • PerformanceL 610G - Max cruising speed 450km/h (243kt), long range cruising speed 282km/h (152kt). Initial rate of climb 1673ft/min. Service ceiling 23,620ft. Range with 40 passengers and reserves 1230km (615nm), range with max fuel 2420km (1306nm).
  • WeightsL 610G - Empty 8950kg (19,713lb), operating empty 9220kg (20,327lb), max takeoff 14,500kg (31,967lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 25.60m (84ft 0in), length 21.72m (71ft 3in), height 8.19m (26ft 11in). Wing area 56.0m2 (602.8sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Standard seating for 40 passengers at three abreast and 76cm (30in) pitch. Combi mixed passenger/freight and all freight layouts available, the latter can carry six pallets.
  • ProductionCzech airline CSA is a provisional customer. Small numbers of L 610s were delivered to Aeroflot.

The Let L 610 is an extended advancement of the prior L 410, and despite the fact that initially intended for a Soviet necessity, in its westernized structure is currently advertised around the world.

The L 610 was imagined in the mid 1980s to meet a Soviet Union prerequisite for another 40 seat turboprop carrier. A generation run of 500 was visualized for essential client Aeroflot, and the L 610's configuration was advanced to suit that bearer's necessities (counting operations from severe landing strips). The essential L 610m for Aeroflot is an extended 40 seat improvement of the L 410 controlled by two 1358kw (1822shp) Motorlet M 602 turboprops. It first flew on December 28 1988, and a little number were conveyed to Aeroflot amid 1991 preceding Let suspended conveyances, expressing that they would not continue unless western cash was utilized for installment.

As a consequence of the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the breakdown of socialism all through eastern Europe, Let started advancement of a westernized variant planned to altogether broaden the sort's deals advance. Known as the L 610g, it is streamlined for world markets and gimmicks General Electric Ct7 turboprops, Collins Pro Line II computerized EFIS flight, Collins climate radar and autopilot.

In the first place flight of the L 610g model happened on December 18 1992 (four years after the L 610m), and, after a few postponements, US FAA affirmation is gotten ready for 1999.

Let has high trusts that the L 610 will infiltrate the exceptionally packed, global business for 40 seat carriers and the Czech Republic's lower work expenses ought to see the airplane evaluated intensely contrasted with its western rivals. Probably, deals investment will expand once western confirmation is recompensed, while new Let manager Ayres is quick to create the L610 further and adventure its potential.

Pictures of Let L-610