Gulfstream Aerospace Jetprop & Turbo Commander

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeTwin turboprop utility and corporate transports
  • Powerplants690A - Two 520kW (700shp) Garrett AiResearch TPE3315251K turboprops driving three blade constant speed propellers. Jetprop 1000 - Two 730kW (980shp) Garrett TPE33110501Ks flat rated to 610kW (820shp).
  • Performance690A - Max speed 528km/h (285kt), econ cruising speed 465km/h (251kt). Initial rate of climb 2850ft/min. Range with max payload and reserves 1370km (740nm). 1000 - Max speed 571km/h (308kt), econ cruising speed 474km/h (256kt). Initial rate of climb 2802ft/min. Max certificated altitude 35,000ft. Range with max payload and reserves 2430km (1311nm), with max fuel and reserves 3855km (2080nm).
  • Weights690A - Empty 2778kg (6126lb), loaded 4650kg (10,250lb). 1000 - Empty equipped 3307kg (7289lb), max TO 5080kg (11,200lb).
  • Dimentions690A - Wing span 14.22m (46ft 8in), length 13.52m (44ft 5in), height 4.56m (15ft 0in). Wing area 24.7m2 (266sq ft). 1000 - Wing span 15.89m (52ft 2in), length 13.10m (43ft 0in), height 4.55m (15ft 0in). Wing area 26.0m2 (279.4sq ft).
  • CapacityPilot and passenger or copilot on flightdeck. Main cabin seating for six to eight. Jetprop 1000 can seat 10 in main cabin.
  • ProductionTotal built 1121, including 138 680s, 72 681s, 541 Commander 690s, 136 Jetprop 840s, 42 Jetprop 900s, 84 Jetprop 980s, 107 Jetprop 1000s, and 1 Commander 1200. Production ceased in 1985.

The turboprop fueled improvements of the Aero Commander group of light twins appreciated a two decade long creation run, and were manufactured by three organizations before generation stopped.

The first Turboprop Commander was focused around the 680flp, and first flew on December 31 1964, however rather than cylinder motors force was supplied by 450kw (605shp) Garrett Airesearch Tpe331 turboprops. This introductory Turbo Commander model was assigned the 680t and entered generation in 1965.

Dynamically enhanced improvements of the essential Turbo Commander seemed, including the 680v, which presented an expanded most extreme takeoff weight, and the 680w with enhanced motors. Emulating North American Rockwell's takeover of Aero Commander and the presentation of the further enhanced Model 681, the name Hawk Commander was received for a period, however it was dropped from 1971 with the arrival of the 681b.

When of the presentation of the 681b, Rockwell was at that point flight testing the overhauled Turbo Commander 690, which first flew on March 3 1968 and was certificated in July 1971. Rockwell presented the enhanced 690a before long.

In 1979 Rockwell flew the Jetprop Commander 840 and 980, improvements of the 690 controlled by 625kw (840shp) Garrett Tpe3315 and 730kw (980shp) Tpe33110 turboprops individually. These went into generation with Gulfstream, who had obtained Rockwell's GA lines in 1979. The Jetprop 1000 was comparative in general measurements however presented an updated inside that brought about a significant improvement utilization of the accessible space and the 980's motors. The Jetprop 900 in the interim joined the updated inside with the 840's motors.

Pictures of Gulfstream Aerospace Jetprop & Turbo Commander