Gippsland GA-200 Fatman

  • CountryAustralia
  • TypeTwo seat agricultural aircraft
  • PowerplantsOne 195kW (260hp) Textron Lycoming O-540-H2A5 flat six piston engine driving a two blade fixed pitch McCauley propeller, or alternatively a 185kW (250hp) O-540-A1D5.
  • PerformanceLong range cruising speed 185km/h (100kt). Initial rate of climb 970ft/min.
  • WeightsOperating empty 770kg (1698lb), certificated max takeoff 1315kg (2899lb), max takeoff in agricultural operation 1700kg (3748lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 11.93m (39ft 2in), length in flying attitude 7.48m (24ft 7in), height on ground over cockpit 2.33m (7ft 8in). Wing area 19.6m2 (211.0sq ft).
  • CapacitySeating for two side-by-side. Hopper capacity 800 litres (211US gal/176Imp gal).
  • Production37 built by late 1998 with 10 built that year. Planned annual production rate by 2002 50.

The Gippsland GA-200 Fatman is an all new ag airplane certificated to US FAR Part 23 gauges.

The GA-200 is Gippsland Aeronautics' first indigenous plan, and results from more than two many years of involvement in changing other flying machine. Specifically Gippsland Aeronautics has broad involvement in altering the Piper Pawnee, however in spite of the visual comparability the GA-200 is an all new plan.

Peculiarities of the GA-200 incorporate a supported low mounted wing, a Textron Lycoming O-540 level six motor and 800 liter (211us gal/176imp gal) indispensable compound container forward of the cockpit. It is of routine development with a low mounted supported wing. The single opened folds might be stretched out for tighter turns amid spreading operations.

Australian CAA confirmation in ordinary and rural classifications to US airworthiness benchmarks was granted on March 1 1991. US FAA certificate to FAR Pt 23 was honored in October 1997.

The GA-200 is offered in standard farming air ship and Agtrainer structure. The Agtrainer is an ag pilot coach fitted with a more modest substance container and double controls.

The GA-200 has won various fare requests, including a few to China. Other air ship have been constructed for clients in New Zealand and the USA. Air ship sold in the US have their airframe segments dispatched from Australia with parts, for example, the motor and flight fitted generally.

Gippsland Aeronautics contemplated an improvement of the GA-200 fueled by an Australian created magnesium square V8 motor that would have run on unleaded mogas (the GA-200 as of now has Australian endorsement to work utilizing premium evaluation unleaded mogas for its O-540). However the organization rather focussed its exertions on an all the more influential GA-200 controlled by an uprated O-540 and an expanded max takeoff weight.

Pictures of Gippsland GA-200 Fatman