Embraer EMB120 Brasilia

  • CountryBrazil
  • Type30 seat turboprop regional airliner
  • PowerplantsTwo 1340kW (1800shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada PW118 or PW118A turboprops driving four blade Hamilton Standard propellers.
  • PerformanceEMB120 - Max cruising speed 555km/h (300kt) with PW118s, or 574km/h (310kt) with PW118As, long range cruising speed 482km/h (260kt). Initial rate of climb 2120ft/min. Service ceiling 30,000ft with PW118s, or 32,000ft with PW118As. Range with max passengers and reserves 1020km (550nm) with PW118s, or 926km (500nm) with PW118As. EMB120ER - Max cruising speed 555km/h (300kt) with PW118s, or 580km/h (313kt) with PW118As, long range cruising speed 500km/h (270kt). Initial rate of climb 2500ft/min. Service ceiling 29,000ft with PW118s, or 32,000ft with PW118As. Range with max pax and reserves 1556km (840nm) with PW118s, or 1500km (810nm) with PW118As.
  • WeightsEMB120 - Empty equipped 7100kg (15,655lb), max takeoff 11,500kg (25,353lb). EMB120ER - Empty equipped 7140kg (15,741lb), max takeoff 11,990kg (26,433lb).
  • DimentionsEMB120 - Wing span 19.78m (64ft 11in), length 20.00m (65ft 8in), height 6.35m (20ft 10in). Wing area 39.4m2 (424.42sq ft). EMB120ER - Same except for length 20.07m (65ft 10in).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Standard main cabin seating for 30 at three abreast and 79cm (31in) pitch. Optional passenger seating for 24 or 26 with greater baggage/cargo space. Alternative interior arrangements for executive and cargo roles.
  • ProductionApproximately 350 ordered by late 1998, including a small number of military orders, of which approximately 330 had been delivered.

The Brasilia has turned out to be a prevalent, moderately rapid yet similarly cheap to work and buy provincial air transport.

Embraer first started outline take a shot at another provincial turboprop air transport in the late 1970s when the organization concentrated on extending its Emb121 Xingu corporate turboprop to a 25 seat local carrier. While this was the first flying machine to manage the Emb120 assignment (it was named the Araguia), the creation Emb120 is an all new air ship. Plan investigations of the conclusive Emb120 started in September 1979, first flight of a Pw115 fueled model occurred on July 27 1983, and entrance into administration was in October 1985.

Adaptations of the Emb120 include: the beginning creation Emb120; the Reduced Takeoff weight Emb120rt; the Extended Range Emb120er; the Emb120 Cargo tanker; blended traveler/cargo Emb120 Combi; and Emb120 Convertible. Hot and high forms of these models have Pw118a motors, which hold their energy appraisals to a higher elevation.

The current creation model is the Emb120er Advanced, which fuses a scope of outside and inside changes. The fuselage of the Emb120 likewise structures the premise for the Erj145 50 seat territorial plane.

Pictures of Embraer EMB120 Brasilia