EH Industries EH 101

  • CountryItaly and United Kingdom
  • TypeCommuter, offshore oil rig support & utility helicopter
  • PowerplantsThree 1230kW (1649shp) max continuous rated General Electric CT76 turboshafts driving a five blade main rotor and four blade tail rotor.
  • PerformanceHeliliner - Typical cruising speed 278km/h (150kt), long range cruising speed 260km/h (140kt). Service ceiling 15,000ft. Range offshore IFR equipped, standard fuel and reserves 1130km (610nm), with 30 pax, IFR equipped, fifth fuel tank and reserves 1390km (750nm). Endurance 5hr.
  • WeightsHeliliner - Operating empty (with IFR, offshore equipped) 8933kg (19,695lb), max takeoff 14,600kg (32,188lb).
  • DimentionsMain rotor diameter 18.59m (61ft 0in), length rotors turning 22.81m (74ft 10in), fuselage length 19.53m (64ft 1in), height rotors turning 6.65m (21ft 10in). Main rotor disc area 271.5m2 (2922.5sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Main cabin seating for 30 at four abreast and 76cm (30in) pitch. Equipped with galley and toilet.
  • ProductionTwo sold to the Tokyo police (due to be delivered in late 1998) were the first commercial orders received.

EH Industries offers business improvements of its EH 101 went for seaward oil apparatus help, air terminal/downtown area shuttle and utility operations.

EH Industries is a communitarian wander between Westland of the UK and Agusta of Italy (in 1998 both organizations consented to consolidation) which was framed to create an against submarine fighting helicopter for the Royal Navy and Italian naval force. The organization was framed in 1980, and both organizations have a half holding. From the beginning both organizations planned to create common and business models of the EH 101. Westland has outline obligation regarding the Heliliner, the opposition to submarine fighting variation is continuously created mutually, while Agusta heads advancement of military and utility transport forms with a back stacking slope.

EH 101 full scale advancement started in March 1984. The main flight of an EH 101 (the Westland assembled Pp1) was on October 9 1987, while the first common designed EH 101, Pp3, first flew on September 30 1988. The main creation EH 101 (a Merlin for the Royal Navy) first flew in December 1995.

While the Royal Navy's EH 101 Merlin ASW helicopters and the Royal Air Force's Merlin Hc.3 strategic transports will have Rollsroyce Turbomã©ca Rtm322 motors, Italian and common EH 101s will have General Electric Ct7 motors.

The 30 seat Heliliner is improved either for seaward oil apparatus or airplane terminal to downtown area exchanges, and the back cargo entryway is offered as a choice, while the common utility variant has the back slope fitted as standard. Canada's military has requested 15 comparable Aw320 Cormorants for pursuit and salvage work.

So far Tokyo's police is the main common EH 101 client. In late 1998, two preproduction machines - Pp3 and Pp9 - started a system of reenacted business and military operations in the North Sea based from Aberdeen in Scotland, some piece of deliberations to accept unwavering quality and viability.

Pictures of EH Industries EH 101