Cessna CitationJet, CJ1 & CJ2

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeLight corporate jets
  • PowerplantsCitationJet & CJ1 - Two 8.45kN (1900lb) Williams Rolls-Royce FJ44-1A turbofans. CJ2 - Two 10.2kN (2300lb) FJ442Cs.
  • PerformanceCitationJet - Max cruising speed at 3990kg (8800lb) AUW 704km/h (380kt). Initial rate of climb 3311ft/min. Certificated ceiling 41,000ft. Range with max fuel and reserves 2750km (1485nm). CJ1 - Range with pilot, three passengers and IFR reserves 2315km (1250nm). CJ2 - Max cruising speed at 33,000ft 741km/h (400kt). Service ceiling 45,000ft. Range with pilot, three passengers and IFR reserves 2687km (1450nm).
  • WeightsCitationJet - Empty 2794kg (6160lb), max takeoff 4717kg (10,400lb). CJ1 - Max takeoff 4812kg (10,600lb). CJ2 - Max takeoff 5585kg (12,300lb).
  • DimentionsCitationJet & CJ1 - Wing span 14.26m (46ft 10in), length 12.98m (42ft 7in), height 4.18m (13ft 8in). Wing area 22.3m2 (240.0sq ft). CJ2 - Wing span 15.18m (49ft 10in), length 14.30m (46ft 11in).
  • CapacityCitationJet & CJ1 - Two flightdeck positions, one for pilot, other for a copilot or passenger. Main cabin seats five in standard layout. CJ2 - Main cabin seats six in standard club arrangement.
  • Production300th CitationJet due to be delivered in early 1999. 76 advance orders for the CJ2 held at late 1998.

The very effective Citationjet was created as a swap for the Citation and Citation I. Enhanced and extended improvements, the Cj1 and Cj2 separately, are being worked on.

Cessna propelled the new Model 525 Citationjet at the yearly US National Business Aircraft Association tradition in 1989. Initially flight happened on April 29 1991, FAA affirmation was honored on October 16 1992 and the first conveyance was on March 30 1993.

The Citationjet is successfully an all new flying machine. The same essential Citation forward fuselage is mounted to another T-tail arranged tailplane and another supercritical laminar stream wing, and it emphasizes Williams Rolls Fj44 turbofans (with oar push reversers) and trailing connection principle undercarriage. The Citationjet's fuselage is 27cm (11in) shorter than the Citation/Citation I's, while lodge tallness is expanded affability of a brought down focus passageway. It emphasizes EFIS flight and is certificated for single pilot operation.

At the 1998 NBAA tradition Cessna uncovered it was creating the enhanced Cj1 and extended Cj2. The Cj1 will supplant the Citationjet and will present a Collins Pro Line 21 EFIS flying suite and a moderate build in most extreme takeoff weight. The Cj1 will be conveyed from the first quarter of 2000.

The Cj2 in the mean time is an extended, quicker and all the more influential advancement. Because of fly in the second quarter of 1999 and be certificated after 12 months, the Cj2 will emphasize a 89cm (35in) lodge and 43cm (17in) tailcone stretch permitting standard seating for six in the principle lodge. Like the Cj1 it will offer Collins Pro Line 21 EFIS flight, in addition to uprated Fj44-2c motors, expanded compass wings, bigger range tail, six lodge windows for every side and more prominent reach. It will be certificated for single pilot operation.

Pictures of Cessna CitationJet, CJ1 & CJ2