Cessna Citation II & Bravo

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeLight corporate jets
  • PowerplantsS/II - Two 11.1kN (2500lb) Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D4Bs turbofans. Bravo - Two 12.8kN (2885lb) Pratt & Whitney Canada PW503As.
  • PerformanceS/II - Cruising speed 746km/h (403kt). Initial rate of climb 3040ft/min. Range with two crew, four passengers and reserves 3223km (1739nm). Range with max fuel 3700km (1998nm). Bravo - Max cruising speed 743km/h (401kt). Max initial rate of climb 3195ft/min. Max certificated altitude 45,000ft. Range with four passengers and reserves 3520km (1900nm).
  • WeightsS/II - Empty equipped 3655kg (8060lb), max takeoff 6850kg (15,100lb). Bravo - Empty 3970kg (8750lb), max takeoff 6715kg (14,800lb).
  • DimentionsS/II - Wing span 15.91m (52ft 3in), length 14.39m (47ft 3in), height 4.57m (15ft 0in). Wing area 31.8m2 (342.6sq ft). Bravo - Wing span 15.90m (52ft 2in), length 14.39m (47ft 3in), height 4.57m (15ft 0in). Wing area 30.0m2 (322.9sq ft).
  • CapacityS/II - Flightcrew of two. Main cabin can be optionally configured to seat 10, but standard interior layout for six. Can be configured as an air ambulance with one or two stretchers and up to four medical attendants. Bravo - Standard seating for seven with max seating for 10 in main cabin.
  • Production733 Citation IIs built through to late 1994. Bravo deliveries began Feb 1997, over 52 delivered by late 1998.

The early achievement of the first Citation headed Cessna to create a bigger limit Citation demonstrate in the mid 1970s.

Cessna declared the extended Citation in September 1976. The fuselage was stretched out by 1.14m (3ft 9in) to build greatest seating ability to 10, while all the more compelling Pratt & Whitney Canada Jt15d4 motors and more prominent fuel tankage implied higher journey velocities and more run. Expanded things limit and expanded compass wings were likewise included.

The new Model 550 Citation II first flew on January 31 1977 and FAA confirmation for two pilot operation was granted in March 1978. The II/SP is the single pilot form.

Significant enhancements were made to the configuration with the entry of the Model S550 Citation S/II. Advertised in October 1983, this enhanced form first flew on February 14 1984. Affirmation, including an absolution for single pilot operation, was conceded that July. Upgrades were fundamentally flight optimized, including another wing outlined utilizing supercritical engineering produced for the Citation III (depicted independently), in addition to Jt15d4b turbofans. The S/II at first supplanted the II in generation from 1984, however the II came back to the lineup from late 1985, and both variations stayed in creation until the presentation of the Bravo.

The Bravo offers new P&wc Pw530a turbofans, current Honeywell Primus EFIS aeronautics suite, a reconsidered inside focused around that presented in the Citation Ultra and different upgrades, for example, trailing connection primary undercarriage. The Bravo first flew on April 25 1995 and was conceded certificate in August 1996. First and foremost conveyance was in February 1997.

Pictures of Cessna Citation II & Bravo