British Aerospace Jetstream 41

  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • Type29 seat regional turboprop airliner
  • PowerplantsTwo 1120kW (1500shp) AlliedSignal TPE33114GR/HR turboprops driving five blade constant speed McCauley propellers on initial production aircraft, later two 1230kW (1650shp) TPE33114s.
  • PerformanceMax speed 547km/h (295kt), economical cruising speed 482km/h (260kt). Service ceiling 26,000ft. Range (initial production) with 29 passengers and reserves 1263km (681nm), definitive production standard 1433km (774nm).
  • WeightsEmpty 6350kg (14,000lb), max takeoff initial production 10,433kg (23,100lb), definitive max takeoff 10,895kg (24,000lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 18.29m (60ft 0in), length 19.25m (63ft 2in), height 5.74m (18ft 10in). Wing area 32.6m2 (350.8sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Main cabin seating for up to 29 at three abreast, seating for 27 with galley. Corporate shuttle configured J41s seat 16 at two abreast.
  • ProductionOrders for the Jetstream 41 stood at 100 in May 1997 when BAe announced it was terminating production.

The Jetstream 41 is an extended and modernized advancement of the 19 seat Jetstream 31, intended to contend in the 29 seat worker air transport class close by such sorts as the Brasilia, Dornier 328 and Saab 340.

The Jetstream 41 (or J41) is focused around the J31, however emphasizes a 4.88m (16ft) fuselage stretch, comprising of a 2.51m (8ft 3in) attachment forward of the wing and a 2.36m (7ft 9in) stretch back. The expanded compass wing (with adjusted ailerons and folds) is mounted lower on the fuselage so it doesn't bring through the fuselage and intrude on the inner part lodge walkway, dissimilar to on the Jetstream 31. Other airframe alterations incorporated another reprofiled six piece windscreen and broadened wing root fairing with more noteworthy things limit. All the more capable Alliedsignal Tpe331 turboprops, mounted in new nacelles with expanded ground leeway, drive progressed five cutting edge Mccauley propellers. The flightdeck has current EFIS glass shows.

Advancement chip away at the J41 was declared in mid 1989, ensuing in the sort's first flight on September 25 1991. Three further airplane were additionally utilized within the flight test system, with European JAA affirmation being honored on November 23 1992. The main conveyance happened after two days on November 25.

From mid 1994, all airplane conveyed profited from different payload and reach execution enhancements, coming about because of uprated motors and a higher most extreme takeoff weight.

The J41 was at first known as the Bae Jetstream 41, however Bae's foundation of a different Jetstream Aircraft division in mid 1993 saw the name rearranged to simply Jetstream 41. From January 1996 the J41 got to be a piece of the Aero International (Regional) stable, yet in May 1997 Bae proclaimed that it was ending J41 creation.

Field Aircraft of the UK and Pilatus of Switzerland were danger imparting accomplices, while Gulfstream was to construct 200 wingsets.

Pictures of British Aerospace Jetstream 41