Boeing Commercial Chinook

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeHeavylift utility and airliner helicopter
  • PowerplantsTwo 3040kW (4075shp) takeoff rated Lycoming AL 5512 turboshafts driving two three-blade rotors.
  • PerformanceLR, MLR & ER - Max speed 278km/h (150kt), max cruising speed 270km/h (145kt), long range cruising speed 250km/h (135kt). Max initial rate of climb at MTOW 1180ft/min. Range - LR & MLR with max fuel 1150km (620nm), ER with max fuel 1918km (1035nm). UT - Max speed 260km/h (140kt), max cruising speed 260km/h (140kt), long range cruising speed 250km/h (135kt). Max initial rate of climb at MTOW 1500ft/min. Range with max internal load 425km (230nm).
  • WeightsLR - Empty 11,748kg (25,900lb), max takeoff 22,000kg (48,500lb), or 23,133kg (51,000lb) with an external load. ER - Empty 12,020kg (26,500lb), max takeoff same. MLR - Empty 11,113kg (24,500lb), max takeoff same. UT - Empty 9797kg (21,600lb), max takeoff 19,051kg (42,000lb), or 23,133kg (51,000lb) with an external sling load.
  • DimentionsRotor diameter (both) 18.29m (60ft 0in), length overall 30.18m (99ft 0in), fuselage length 15.87m (52ft 1in), height 5.68m (18ft 8in). Total rotor blade area 525.4m2 (5655sq ft).
  • CapacityTwo pilots on flightdeck. Seating for 44 at four abreast in main cabin. Combi versions seat between eight and 32 with rear cabin loaded with freight, or between 22 and 32 with freight on one side of main cabin. Max internal load of LR and MLR models 9070kg (20,000lb), ER and UT models 8730kg (19250lb). Max external sling load 12,700kg (28,000lb).
  • ProductionApproximately a dozen Commercial Chinooks were built in the early to mid 1980s. Most remain in service.

The Boeing Helicopters Model 234 Commercial Chinook is, as its name proposes, a business variation of the effective Ch47 Chinook military airlifter.

The Chinook was produced for the US Army and first flew in September 1961, and from that point forward has been created into various logically enhanced variations. The Commercial Chinook was not dispatched until 1978, after a British Airways Helicopters request for three for North Sea oil apparatus help missions. The Commercial Chinook's first flight happened on August 19 1980, certificate was conceded in June 1981, and administration section was the accompanying month.

Generally indistinguishable in design to the Ch47, the Commercial Chinook holds the previous' back freight incline, however has a marginally reprofiled nose, business aeronautics and vast traveler windows along both sides of the principle lodge.

The beginning requests were for the 234 LR Long Range, which contrasted and the Ch47 has generally double the fuel load, in addition to a 44 seat traveler inner part focused around that utilized within Boeing jetliners. Various different variants were offered - the 234 ER Extended Range with extra tankage, the 234 UT Utility, and 234 MLR Multi reason Long Range which could be utilized for traveler or cargo operations, or a blend of both.

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