Boeing 747-100 & 200

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeLong range high capacity widebody airliners
  • Powerplants747-100 - Four 208.9kN (46,950lb) Pratt & Whitney JT9D7A turbofans or 215.1kN (48,000lb) JT9D7Fs or 206.8kN (46,500lb) General Electric CF645A2s. 747-200B - Four 243.5kN (54,750lb) JT9D7R4G2s, or four 233.5kN (52,500lb) CF650E2s, or 236.2kN (53,110lb) RollsRoyce RB211524D4s.
  • Performance747-100 - Max speed 967km/h (522kt), economical cruising speed 907km/h (490kt). Range with 385 pax and reserves 9045km (4880nm). 747-200B - Max speed 981km/h (530kt) (with RR engines), economical cruising speed 907km/h (490kt). Range (CF6-80C2 engines) with 366 pax and reserves 12,778km (6900nm). 747-200F - Range with 90,270kg (200,000lb) payload 9075km (4900nm) with CF680C2s.
  • Weights747-100 - Empty 162,386kg (358,000lb), max takeoff 340,195kg (750,000lb). 747-200 - Operating empty with JT9Ds 169,960kg (374,400lb), with CF680C2s 172,730kg (380,800lb), with RB211s 174,000kg (383,600lb). Max takeoff 377,840kg (833,000lb). 747-100SR - Operating empty 162,430kg (358,100lb), max takeoff 272,155kg (600,000lb). 747-200F - Operating empty with JT9Ds 155,220kg (342,200lb), max takeoff 377,840kg (833,000lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 59.64m (195ft 8in), length 70.66m (231ft 10in), height 19.33m (63ft 5in). Wing area 511m2 (5500sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of three (two pilots and flight engineer). Seating arrangements include 397 in three classes, 452 in two classes (32 first & 420 economy), all economy seating for 447 nine abreast or up to 500 ten abreast. 747-200F - Max payload of 112,400kg (247,800lb) consisting of containers, pallets and/or igloos.
  • Production747-100/200 in production to 1991. 167 100s, 9 100Bs, 29 -100SR, 224 200Bs, 13 200Cs, 69 200Fs and 77 200Ms built, plus 12 military aircraft. Approx 144 100s and 360 200s in service in late 1998.

The gigantically noteworthy 747 reformed carrier transport. Far greater than anything before it, the 747 cut working expenses for every seat and subsequently cut the expense of long term universal carrier travel.

Boeing imagined the 747 in the mid 1960s tailing its disappointment to secure a US Air Force contract for a ultra extensive vital transport (which brought about the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy), when it distinguished a business sector for a high limit 'enormous plane'. Boeing could draw upon configuration involvement with the USAF transport and propelled the new carrier on July 25 1966. To start with flight happened on February 9 1969, accreditation was recompensed on December 30 that year.

The essential 747-100 entered administration with Pan American in January 1970. Dynamic advancement of the 747 prompted the 747-200b with higher weights, all the more compelling motors and more extend. The -200b first flew in October 1970 entering administration with KLM, while nine higher weight 747-100bs were assembled.

Advancements incorporate the 747-200f vessel, the SR (short run) upgraded for high cycle short area operations and the C (Combi).

The 747 holds a spot in people in general eye not at all like another airplane. The supposed `queen of the Skies' opened up global make a trip to millions. It is likewise striking for being the first widebody air transport, the biggest and heaviest carrier, and the first to utilize fuel productive, high sidestep turbofans.

Pictures of Boeing 747-100 & 200