Bell 412

  • CountryUnited States of America and Canada
  • TypeMedium lift utility helicopter
  • Powerplants412 - One 1350kW (1800shp) (derated to 980kW/1308shp for takeoff) Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6T3B Turbo Twin-Pac, consisting of two PT6 turboshafts linked through a combining gearbox, driving a four blade main rotor and two blade tail rotor. 412SP - One 1044kW (1400shp) takeoff rated PT6T3B1 Turbo Twin-Pac. 412HP - One 1342kW (1800shp) takeoff rated PT6T3BE Turbo Twin-Pac.
  • Performance412 - Max speed 240km/h (130kt) at sea level, cruising speed 235km/h (127kt). Max range 455km (245nm), or 835km (450nm) with auxiliary tanks. 412SP - Max speed 260km/h (140kt), max cruising speed 230km/h (124kt). Initial rate of climb 1350ft/min. Range with max payload and reserves 695km (374nm), max range with standard fuel 656km (354nm). 412HP - Max cruising speed 230km/h (124kt), long range cruising speed 241km/h (130kt). Range with standard fuel and no reserves 745km (402nm).
  • Weights412 - Empty equipped 2753kg (6070lb), max takeoff 5216kg (11,500lb). 412SP - Empty equipped (IFR) 3001kg (6616lb), max takeoff 5397kg (11,900lb). 412HP - Empty equipped (IFR) 3066kg (6759lb), max takeoff 5397kg (11,900lb).
  • DimentionsMain rotor diameter 14.02m (46ft 0in), fuselage length 12.70m (41ft 9in), height 4.57m (15ft 0in). Main rotor disc area 154.4m2 (1662sq ft).
  • CapacityTotal seating for 15, including one or two pilots. Maximum weight of an external sling load 2040kg (4500lb).
  • ProductionOver 420 Bell 412s of all models, civil and military, have been built. Production of the 412 switched to Bell's Canadian plant in February 1989.

The 412 family is an advancement of the 212, the significant change being a progressed littler breadth four cutting edge principle rotor set up of the 212's two sharpened steel unit.

Advancement of the 412 started in the late 1970s and two 212s were changed over to the new standard to go about as improvement air ship for the system. The principal of these flew in August 1979, and the 412 was honored VFR affirmation in January 1981. That same month the first conveyance happened. Resulting improvement prompted the 412sp, or Special Performance, with expanded fuel limit, higher takeoff weight and more discretionary seating plans. The 412hp, or High Performance, superseded the 412sp in creation in 1991. Peculiarities incorporate enhanced transmission for better drifting execution.

The current standard creation model is the 412ep, or Enhanced Performance. The 412ep peculiarities a Pt6t3d motor and a double advanced programmed flight control framework fitted as standard, with discretionary EFIS shows. Altered tricycle arriving rigging is nonobligatory.

In the interim in Indonesia, IPTN has a permit to assemble the 412sp, which it calls the Nbell412. IPTN has a permit to develop to 100 Nbell412s.

Like the 212, the 412 is in broad utilization for various utility parts, including EMS and oil apparatus backing, its twin motor design being an advantage, especially in the recent part. It excessively is in military administration, Canada at the end of the day being a significant client (counting 100 as of late conveyed 412ep based CH-146 Griffons).

Pictures of Bell 412