Beech 19/23/24 Musketeer/Sierra/Sport/Sundowner

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeFour seat light aircraft
  • PowerplantsA23A - One 125kW (165hp) Lycoming IO346A fuel injected flat four piston engine driving a two blade fixed pitch propeller. B19 - One 112kW (150hp) Lycoming O320E2D. C23 - One 135kW (180hp) Lycoming O360A4K. C23R - One 150kW (200hp) fuel injected Lycoming IO360A1B6 driving a variable pitch propeller.
  • PerformanceA23A - Max speed 235km/h (127kt), long range cruising speed 188km/h (102kt). Initial rate of climb 728ft/min. Range with reserves 1252km (676nm). B19 - Max speed 225km/h (121kt), long range cruising speed 182km/h (98kt). Initial rate of climb 700ft/min. Range with reserves 1420km (1064nm). C23 - Max speed 228km/h (123kt), long range cruising speed 182km/h (98kt). Initial rate of climb 700ft/min. Range with reserves 1168km (631nm). C23R - Max speed 262km/h (141kt), long range cruising speed 213km/h (115kt). Initial rate of climb 927ft/min. Range with reserves 1271km (686nm).
  • WeightsA23A - Empty 624kg (1375lb), max takeoff 1089kg (2400lb). B19 - Empty 630kg (1390lb), max takeoff 1020kg (2250lb). C23 - Empty 681kg (1502lb), max takeoff 1111kg (2450lb). C24R - Empty 777kg (1713lb), max takeoff 1250kg (2750lb).
  • DimentionsWing span all versions 10.00m (32ft 9in), height all versions 2.51m (8ft 3in). Wing area all versions 13.6m2 (146sq ft). Length
  • CapacityAll versions seat four. Additional seating for two children in Musketeer Super III.
  • Production4455 built, including 2390 Musketeers, I/II/III/Custom & Sundowners; 904 Sports; 793 Super R/Sierras; and 369 Supers.

Beechcraft created the Musketeer family as a lower expense, lower execution four seater beneath its Bonanza, which would contend with the Cessna 172 and Piper Cherokee.

The model O-320 controlled Musketeer flew in October 1961 and Beech added the sort to its deals go in 1962. An arrangement of ceaseless item overhauling took after, bringing about the flying machine in its last Sierra structure being altogether different to the first Musketeer. The initially enhanced model was the A23 Musketeer II with a 125kw (165hp) Continental Io346 motor (later supplanted with a Lycoming O360 in the B23).

The A23 was further formed into a three airplane family (named the Three Musketeers by Beech promoting) - the A23a Musketeer Custom III with more prominent max takeoff weight, the lessened MTOW A2319 Musketeer Sport III coach with a 110kw (150hp) Lycoming O320, and the 150kw (200hp) Io360 fueled and expanded MTOW Musketeer Super III. From 1970 these three presented a more adjusted fuselage and were renamed the Musketeer B19 Sport, C23 Custom and A24 Super separately.

A retractable undercarriage variation of the Super is the A24r Super R. The Musketeer name was dropped in 1971, with the Custom renamed the Sundowner, and Super R the Sierra, and the Musketeer Sport getting to be basically the Sport. The Sierra experienced critical progressions for the 1974 model with another cowling, quieter motor and more proficient prop. Further air motion facilitating clean ups were presented in 1977. Arrangement generation finished in 1983.

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Pictures of Beech 19/23/24 Musketeer/Sierra/Sport/Sundowner