Beagle B-206

  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • TypeSix/eight place cabin twin
  • PowerplantsB.206C - Two 230kW (310hp) Continental GIO470A geared, fuel injected flat six piston engines driving three blade constant speed propellers. B.206S - Two 255kW (340hp) Continental GTSIO520C geared, turbocharged and fuel injected engines.
  • PerformanceB.206C - Max speed 354km/h (191kt), max cruising speed 333km/h (180kt), economical cruising speed 298km/h (160kt). Initial rate of climb 1170ft/min. Range with no reserves 2905km (1570nm). B.206S - Max speed 415km/h (224kt), max cruising speed 380km/h (205kt), econ cruising speed 301km/h (163kt). Initial rate of climb 1340ft/min. Range with no reserves 2462km (1330nm).
  • WeightsB.206C - Empty equipped 2381kg (5250lb), max takeoff 3401kg (7499lb). B.206S - Empty equipped 2450kg (5400lb), max takeoff 3401kg (7499lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 13.96m (45ft 10in), length 10.26m (33ft 8in), height 3.43m (11ft 4in). Wing area 19.9m2 (214sq ft).
  • CapacityEight comprising one or two pilots plus six passengers behind them.
  • ProductionTotal production run of 79 aircraft included one 206X; one 206Y; two 206Z; 20 206R Bassets for the Royal Air Force; 11 B.206C; 43 206S; and one Series 3.

The lodge class Beagle B.206's sources lie in a late 1950s Bristol venture for a four seat twin.

Despite the fact that not fabricated, the Bristol 220 developed into one of Beagle's first and few outlines to achieve creation. The model of the new twin motor outline, known as the B.206x, made its first flight on August 15 1961. A five/six seater fueled by two 195kw (260hp) Continental Io470 motors, it was considered excessively little by its inventors, and the configuration developed into the B.206y with 230kw (310hp) Continental Gio470 motors, more prominent wing compass, a bigger lodge with expanded seating limit, more noteworthy fuel limit and expanded weights.

This permitted it to meet a Royal Air Force necessity for a correspondences air ship equipped for transporting a Vbomber help group. Twenty were requested for this part set up of the initially arranged purchase of 80, chose in inclination to the de Havilland Dove. In RAF administration the B.206 was assigned the Cc.1 Basset. Basset conveyances started in May 1965.

Taking after the B.206y were two assessment B.206z airplane, then the introductory common creation form, the Series 1 B.206c. Poor hot and superior was to a limited extent in charge of moderate deals along these lines Beagle outlined the Series 2 B.206s with all the more effective turbocharged Gtsio520 motors. The B.206s additionally acquainted a somewhat amended lodge with seat eight with the entrance entryway repositioned from over the wing to the back port side fuselage.

A suburbanite aerial shuttle advancement was additionally inherent model structure, the 10 seat Series 3 which an emphasized a further extended lodge. Flown in model structure, the configuration passed on when Beagle entered liquidation in ahead of schedule 1970.

Pictures of Beagle B-206