Antonov An-38

  • CountryUkraine
  • TypeRegional airliner and utility transport
  • PowerplantsAn-38-100 - Two 1118kW (1500shp) Honeywell TPE331-14GR-801E turboprops driving Hartzell five blade propellers. An-38-200 - Two 1030kW (1380shp) Omsk TVD-20 turboprops driving Aerosila propellers.
  • PerformanceAn-38-100 - Max cruising speed 405km/h (219kt), nominal cruising speed 380km/h (205kt). Range at 3050m (10,000ft) with maximum payload 700km (380nm), with 1300kg (2865lb) payload 1750km (945nm). An-38-200 - Range at 3050m (10,000ft) with maximum payload 780km (420nm), with 1300kg (2865lb) payload 1780km (960nm).
  • WeightsAn-38-100 - Empty 5300kg (11,684lb), max takeoff 9500kg (20,945lb). An-38-200 - Max takeoff 9930kg (21,891lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 22.06m (72ft 5in), length 15.67m (51ft 5in), height 5.05m (16ft 7in).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Standard passenger seating for 26 at three abreast, optionally 27 seats at 75cm (29in) pitch.
  • Production11 (mid 2004).

The A 38 is an all-new improvement of the prior A 28, arrangement generation of which had been exchanged to PZL-Mielec in Poland. Amid a deals voyage through India in 1989 a necessity developed for a bigger 25-30 seat form of the A 28. Late 1990 this was sanction by the Soviet Ministry of Transport. At the 1991 Paris Air Show a model was demonstrated and subtle elements were made open surprisingly. The air ship is planned to supplant A 24s, Let L-410s and Yak-40s.

As the A 28 was delivered in Poland, and must be paid in outside money after the break-up of the Soviet Union, installment in neighborhood cash was an included focal point for the improvement of the A 38.

The A 38 holds the fundamental wing and twin balance tail structure of the A 28, however has an extended fuselage with three extra seat lines. New high proficiency Honeywell Tpe331 or Omsk TVD-20 motors control the A 28. Numerous different enhancements have been made, for example, enhanced sound and vibration protection, diminished outer commotion, enhanced cockpit and traveler lodge solace, payload, fuel proficiency and flight speed. The A 38 is furnished with a back load entryway and a freight taking care of overhead-track lift. The seats and the stuff compartment might be collapsed by the team to give an acceptable space to use as a load air ship.

The altered tricycle gear with low weight tires empowers operation from unpaved runways. The A 38 has climate radar and a coordinated route framework and might be worked by night and in unfavorable climate. It could be furnished with Western or CIS flying.

Separated from traveler and load arrangement, the multirole A 38 can likewise be prepared for woods watch, flying photography, overview, fishery watch, rescue vehicle, VIP transport and military airdrop.

The principal flight was made on June 23 1994 by the form with Tpe331 motors, the A 38-100. The TVD-20 form, the A 38-200, emulated on December 11 2001. Affirmation of the A 38-100 in agreeability with AP-25 principles was conceded April 22 1997. The A 38-200 was certificated on November 28 2002.

The A 38-110 is a -100 with a diminished flight fit, the A 38-120 is a -100 with an upgraded flying fit.

In December 1995 Antonov and NAPO (Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association) created a joint wander organization, Siberian Antonov Aircraft, to create, showcase and give after-deal backing of the A 38. Arrangement generation of the A 38-100 airplane is by NAPO.

Two models (one at Antonov and one at NAPO) and a static test airframe were manufactured. Vostok Airlines turned into the dispatch client for the creation air ship and the initial three were gotten by mid-1995. The A 38 additionally entered administration with e.g. Layang Aerospace in Malaysia, Alrosa-Avia in Russia, and Vietnam Air Services.

Pictures of Antonov An-38