Antonov An-225 Mriya

  • CountryUkraine
  • TypeExtra-Large cargo aircraft
  • Powerplants6x Progress-D-18T
  • PerformanceMax. speed - 528mph (850km/h), range with max payload - 2425nm (4500km), range with no cargo - 8310nm (15400km).
  • WeightsMax. take off weight -- 600000kg
  • DimentionsWingspan 290 ft (88.4m), lenght -- 84,00m, height -- 18,10.
  • CapacityMaximum load: 551150lbs (250000kg)
  • ProductionOnly one was built since 1989, but a second frame was partially constructed and remains in storage.

Antonov A 225 "Mriya" is the world's biggest flying machine. When it was manufactured, it surpassed any air transport fabricated before by half. It was intended for the transportation of the Russian Space Shuttle "Buran" by the Antonov Design Bureau (HQ in Kiev, Ukraine), which as of now had manufactured great and huge freight airplane, for example, the Antonov A 124 "Ruslan". The fundamental design of the A 225 is the same as the A 124, aside from the A 225 is longer, has no back slope/entryway get together, and joins a 32-wheel arriving rigging framework (two nose and fourteen primary wheel bogies, seven for every side, each with two wheels).

A 225 "Mriya" ("Mriya" is Ukrainian word for "dream) is additionally skilled to transport other oversized articles/payload. It is not a military airplane, yet it could discover numerous military uses, in view of the capability to transport freight that no other flying machine is competent to.

The plane had the first flight in ahead of schedule 1988 and entered administration in 1989. It's first flight took 75 minutes. After the scratch-off of the Buran space program, the main A 225 constructed was put away in spring 1994, and its motors were utilized for A 124s. In 2001 the airplane was made airworthy once more, and made its new first flight on May 7. There were bits of gossip that the European Space Agency had arrangements to dispatch the unmanned British Hotol (Horizontal Take-Off and Landing) from the A 225, however these gossipy tidbits give off an impression of being unwarranted. Albeit, a few potential outcomes for arrangement have as of now been found. A lot of clients are to be found in the USA. As per Bruce Bird, Director of the Charter Division of Air Foyle, parts of rocket launchers like the Delta and Atlas could be transported in the A 225. Lockheed's arranged Venture Star could be transported on its back. Furthermore the Mrija could serve as a dispatch stage for the X-34b. Moreover enormous areas of flying machine could be transported in it. The complete collected fuselage of a Boeing 737 might be fitted in the hold.

Pictures of Antonov An-225 Mriya