Aerospatiale N-262 Fregate & Mohawk 298

  • CountryFrance
  • TypeShort range turboprop commuter airliner
  • PowerplantsFregate - Two 843kW (1130shp) Turboméca Bastan VIIC turboprops driving three blade variable pitch Ratier Figeac FH.146 propellers. Mohawk 298 - Two 880kW (1180shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A45 turboprops driving five blade variable pitch Hamilton Standard props.
  • PerformanceFregate - Max level speed 418km/h (225kt) at 20,000ft, economical cruising speed 408km/h (220kt). Max range with full fuel and no reserves 2400km (1295nm), range with 26 pax and reserves 1020km (550nm). Mohawk 298 - Max speed 385km/h (208kt), economical cruising speed 375km/h (203kt). Max range with full fuel and no reserves 2132km (1151nm).
  • WeightsFregate - Basic empty 6200kg (13,668lb), max takeoff 10,800kg (23,810lb). Mohawk 298 - Empty 7030kg (15,498lb), max takeoff 10,600kg (23,370lb).
  • DimentionsFregate & Mohawk 298 - Wing span 22.60m (74ft 2in), length 19.28m (63ft 3in), height 6.21m (20ft 4in). Wing area 55.0m2 (592sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two and max seating for 29 passengers at three abreast. Standard seating layout for 26 passengers.
  • Production110 of all variants of the 262 (including the Mohawk 298 and miscellaneous military orders) built.

N-262 can be traced back to the Max Holste Super Broussard project which flew on its maiden flight on July 29 1960 as the MH-260. N-262 manufacturing was stopped in 1976.

The MH-250 prototype was flown for the first time on May 20 1959 and was powered by Pratt & Whitney Wasp piston radial. Only 10 MH-260’s were produced by Nord (used by Air Inter and Norway's Wideröe). It was later redesigned in 1961, with design improvements featuring a fuselage with a circular cross section, pressurisation and more powerful powerplants. This paved way for the Nord N-262, which has its maiden flight on December 24 1962.

The N-262 was produced in four variant designs. The N-262A with a Turboméca Bastan VIC engine; N-262B (Air Inter request led to four special conversions), with Bastan VI engines; the N-262C Fregate with an enhanced Bastan VIIC engine and wider wing span; and the N-262D Fregate, used by the French Air Force.

After the incorporation of Nord and Sud, the N-262 was produced as the unit of Aerospatiale from 1970 onwards.

In the 70’s, the US based commercial airline Allegheny Airlines significantly upgraded the N-262s through its subsidiary firm, the Mohawk Air Services. The N-262 was converted by Frakes Aviation, which produced it as the result of a sub-contractual agreement. The design variant thus produced was called the Mohawk 298 (the name being derived from the FAA FAR Part 298 airworthiness regulation). The N-262 was improved by making use of an enhanced Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-45 turboprops with five blade props, new avionics and a new APU.

Mohawk 298 flew for the first time on January 7 1975, while the last of nine converted was in 1978.

Pictures of Aerospatiale N-262 Fregate & Mohawk 298