Aero Boero AB-95/115/150/180

  • CountryArgentina
  • TypeFamily of three and four seat light aircraft
  • PowerplantsAB-95 Standard - One 70kW (95hp) Continental C90-8F flat four driving a two blade fixed pitch prop. AB-115 Trainer - One 85kW (115hp) Textron Lycoming O-235-C2A. AB-180RVR - One 135kW (180hp) Textron Lycoming O-360-A1A driving a two blade fixed pitch Sensenich or constant speed Hartzell prop.
  • PerformanceAB-95 - Max speed 204km/h (110kt), cruising speed 170km/h (92kt), long range cruising speed 159km/h (86kt). Range at long range cruising speed 959km (518nm). AB-115 Trainer - Max cruising speed 169km/h (91kt). Initial rate of climb 669ft/min. Range with max fuel 1230km (664nm). AB-180RVR - Max speed 225km/h (122kt), max cruising speed 201km/h (108kt). Initial rate of climb 1025ft/min. Range with max fuel 1180km (636nm).
  • WeightsAB-95 - Empty 400kg (882lb), loaded 700kg (1543lb). AB-115 Trainer - Empty 556kg (1226lb), max takeoff 802kg (1768lb). AB-180RVR - Empty 602kg (1327lb), max takeoff 890kg (1962lb).
  • DimentionsAB-95 - Wing span 10.42m (34ft 2in), length 6.91m (22ft 8in), height 2.19m (7ft 2in). AB-115 Trainer & AB-180RVR - Wing span 10.78m (35ft 5in), length 7.08m (23ft 3in), height 2.05m (6ft 9in). Wing area 17.4m2 (187.4sq ft).
  • CapacityAccommodation for one pilot and two passengers, or three/four passengers in initial AB-180 model. Ag aircraft fitted with ventral tank pod (for approx 270 litres/60Imp gal) and spray bars.
  • ProductionApprox 600 of all variants have been built, including over 300 out of a Brazilian Government order for 450 AB-115s for use by aero clubs.

The AB-95 aircraft (maiden flight in 1995) developed into the GA version family line in South America.

The many variants of the AB-95 are the AB-95 Standard, the AB-95 De Lujo with a 75kW (100hp) Continental O-200A engine, the AB-95A Fumigador ag aircraft with the O-200A engine (modified for crop dusting or spraying), the AB-115BS used as an ambulance and comes with a stretcher, the more powerful AB-95B, and the AB-95-115 that showcases a more streamlined engine cowling that houses an 85kW (115hp) O-235 engine, and main wheel fairings.

Aero Boero developed the AB-115BS and design featured included an increase in wing span, more fin sweepback and an improved range, and the AB-115 Trainer. These were modelled and developed based on the AB-95-115 and 450 units were sold to Brazil for use in aero clubs.

The model AB-180 came in three and four seat variants and flew on its maiden flight in the late sixties. It also came equipped with different wingspans and a significant improvement over the earlier AB-95 and AB-115 powered plants.

Further design improvement paved way for the AB-190RV that features a more powerful range and reprofiled fuselage and sweptback fin; the AB-180RVR intended for use as a glider; the AB-180 Condor with optional engine turbocharger and can be flown at high altitudes; AB-180AG for agricultural use and the twin seater AB-180PSA preselection aircraft for training student pilots. An experimental version known as the AB-180SP was also designed.

The AB-180 model features a more powerful powerplant over the AB-150RV and AB-150AG versions.

Pictures of Aero Boero AB-95/115/150/180