Why so many Airlines are on White

More and more Airlines put in the painting to the so-called Euro-white. Why?

The color scheme is called Euro-white. And it is currently experiencing a Boom. Air New Zealand, American Airlines, Avianca, Finnair, Iberia, and Japan Airlines set for some time now on a painting of their aircraft, the majority of which are white in color. Aer Lingus, Royal Brunei and Lufthansa have chosen in the context of their new brand identities also have a color dress with a lot of White.

On the Aprons of airports around the world, the Trend is for less colour and more monotone provides. Because usually there are only the tail, engine housing, as well as the lettering on the fuselage, the pilot can visually your Airlines assign. But why do the Euro-white scheme in the case of airlines is so popular?

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