What Chips and beer on Board costs

Who wants to eat on the plane and drink something, you must pay for it with more and more Airlines. A cost comparison shows what the request of ten European airlines.

Eurowings has just deleted the free food with Snack and drink from your Smart Tariff. Other low-cost airlines take already money for it. But what is society, how much the cost at which flight? The comparison platform From A to B has been evaluated for ten European airlines, who paid for catering services.

In the case of the Snacks, Wizz Air is in the category of baking has the best range of goods. A Turkey breast Baguette costs € 4.50. The Norwegian (Smoked Ham & are the most; Cheese Sub Roll for 6.50 euros) and Vueling (Club Sandwich for 6.50 euros). In the case of the Chips, Sun Express, with a price of 5 Euro per hundred grams (Boxer Chips peppers) to the nose in the front. In Norwegian (Boxer Chips), Pegasus and Wizz Air (both Pringles) pays you for each 7,50 Euro. Also in the case of the chocolate bars, none is cheaper than Sun Express: Twix Xtra cost per Portion € 1.50 and to 100 grams, calculated 2,00 Euro. In the case of Vueling, Kit Kat hits the 100-gram price, however, at 5.56 euros.

The overall winner is Tuifly

Water costs projected for the Liter in the case of Air Baltic, € 7.58. The lowest price offer with 5€, Easyjet, Sun Express, Tuifly and Wizz Air. The coke is 6 euros per Liter, Tuifly on the cheap. Eurowings and Ryanair charge for each 10 Euro. When coffee Sun Express and Tuifly require with 2 Euro per Serving, at least.

Product is across most of the 100-gram and Liter prices of the entire basket with 52,09 EUR in Norwegian on tax, followed by Easyjet, with 50,01 Euro. Tuifly offers 35,84 EUR the lowest price with a large distance in front of Eurowings with 41,34 euros. Sun Express does not receive final score, because they sold no beer.

What beer is on Board the airlines, you can see in the above image gallery.

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