"We bring the Airbus A350 today to its limits"

Before an airline acquires an aircraft, it performs a final flight test. They fly special maneuvers, simulated problems and examine the cabin. We were at the acceptance flight of the newest Airbus A350 Lufthansa in the process.

If Martin hell and Thomas Wilhelm climb into the Cockpit, has been a lot of groundwork. Employees of Lufthansa have taken the brand new Airbus A350-900 already under the magnifying glass. A stain on the carpet, a badly closing drawer, a scratch on a seat, a nice closed joint – everything you have reported to Airbus. And the employees of the aircraft manufacturer to have it corrected.

Not only the interior has already been examined in detail. The experts of Lufthansa subjected to the engines, extensive Tests. And as the 16. A350 Lufthansa in the air has not reviewed Airbus on a test flight once. Before the airline takes over the long-haul flyer is definitely in your fleet is missing, but still an important, final step: acceptance flight or Acceptance Flight, as he is called in the industry jargon.

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