Virgin Atlantic is building a Lounge in the A350

The British airline has developed a new cabin for its Airbus A350-1000. All classes of Virgin Atlantic have received an Upgrade.

Lounges on the plane, with a certain fascination. So far, the find a feel-good rooms, mainly in the Airbus A380, because of the giant planes easily especially a lot of space is available. Virgin Atlantic builds but Lounge in their Airbus A350-1000. For Premium passengers, provided the room is called The Loft and is inviting. He helps, without a doubt, to reduce the feeling of Tightness on Board.

Also, the seats in all classes will be renewed for the A350-1000. In Economy and Premium Economy, more luxurious "materials would be used," as Virgin Atlantic has announced. In addition, the screens have been enlarged: In the Economy on a diagonal of 11.6 inches or 29.5 centimeters, and in Premium Economy on 13.3 inch or 33.8 cm.

Record Screens

In Business Class, the screen is 18.5 inches (47 centimeters) in size, and in the future with the own mobile terminal, the control. According to Virgin Atlantic it is the largest screen that is currently found in a line of aircraft. Each customer will continue to have direct access to the aisle. In addition, each seat will be aligned in the direction of the window. At the same time, the passengers will have the possibility of a shield against the outside extend. It is, however, not a correct door, as is the case with certain competitors, such as Delta, Qatar, and in the future, and British Airways, but only by a movable separator.

To see the new cabin of the A350-1000's of Virgin Atlantic in the above image gallery.

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