Three Dead after accident a Let L-410 in Lukla

A Let L-410 from Summit Air came in at the Lukla airport at the Start of the runway. Nepal's Airport is considered one of the most dangerous in the world.

A Let L-410 from Summit Air started on Sunday morning (14. April) at the Tenzing Hillary Airport of Lukla in the direction of Ramechhap. When you start running on the descending slope swerved the machine with the registration number 9N-AMH for unexplained reasons, suddenly to the right. There is the Heliport of the Nepalese airport in the Himalayas is located. The plane crashed into two parked helicopters.

At least three people were in the collision were killed, including, according to the Himalayan Times, the co-pilot of the Let L-410 from Summit Air, as well as two police officers on the ground. Three Other people were injured. The four occupants of the aircraft and a flight attendant survived the accident, according to local authorities.

#sad_news just now.. lukla..Among them which belongs To top 10 dangerous airports in the world#LuklaAirport

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The second accident of Summit Air

The injured were flown to a hospital in Kathmandu, and are located according to the newspaper, the Kathmandu Post out of danger. The two helicopters belonged to Manang Air, Shree Airlines, which offer sightseeing flights for tourists. The airport is considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world. It is located at an altitude of 2845 meters and the approach is due to the surrounding mountains and the often low-hanging clouds, very demanding. Add to that the very Short runway of only 527 metres in length.

The last deadly incident in Lukla occurred in may 2017, when a Summit Air cargo plane belonged to died in the landing. In this case, both pilots of the Let L-410 were killed. In the Region it is but within a shorter time the second accident. In February, a helicopter crashed during a sightseeing flight, all passengers died, including the Minister of tourism of the country, as well as the founder of the airline, Yeti Airlines and Tara Air.

#lukla Sad news, the beginning of Nepali New Year at least two persons including co-pilot and a police personnel were killed and five others injured when a Summit Air plane met with an accident while taking off for Kathmandu from Lukla this morning, according to the eyewitnesses.

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In the above image gallery to see pictures from the scene of the accident and further photos about the Situation in Lukla.

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