This is the finished Crown Lounge of KLM

The Expansion of the Business Class Lounge of KLM at the main turnstile was urgently needed. Two and a half years, it was renovated and enlarged and is now officially opened.

Small country, major airport is the European hub Airport Amsterdam Schiphol with plays, despite the relatively small size of the Netherlands in the first League. This is mainly due to the fact that the place deer, KLM has established a hub, as a hub for Europe and the whole world: About 70 percent of the passengers of KLM to increase after the arrival in Amsterdam in the next plane.

That transported passengers from all over the world, the fact that KLM is proud of. The more the airline but also the comparison with Other Airlines. And in terms of the Business-Class Lounge, it is hooked up in the past few years. Because of the KLM area for Business Class passengers in Amsterdam was Schiphol as a small and partial was battered, decided to the flight line in the year 2017 for the Non-Schengen area renovation office Expansion. After two and a half years of construction, KLM has the so-called Crown Lounge on Thursday (28. November) has now been opened officially.

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