These Airlines did not survive to 2018

2018 was a tough year for air travel. The chaotic summer in Europe forced several Airlines to Give up. You no longer see what flight lines 2019 to experience.

The year is not yet two weeks old, because have to admit the first German airline that is in trouble. Germania is due to a financial bottleneck for sale. So 2019 is a seamless continuation to the previous year, in which many of the Airlines went into a Stumble.

Especially in Europe the past summer was marked by a General Chaos with crowded airports and air streets, strikes, and sometimes overmatched airlines. This led to cancellations and delays – and a lot of compensation claims. In addition, Oil and also kerosene was temporarily significantly more expensive. And, not least, many airlines were desperate to find flying staff, what is the wages of engine and sometimes to the top.

In Europe and elsewhere

This impacted the industry tremendously. In this challenging environment did not survive a whole series of airlines of the year. Especially in Europe, there were many Groundings, but also elsewhere in the world airlines had to give up.

In the above image gallery, you can see the most prominent victim of the year 2018.

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