The Shop Keeper

Some of the aircraft models sell by the Thousands, others will find that the customer simply does not appeal. A glance at the shop Keeper.

It was the first series-built jet transport aircraft in the world. Nevertheless, the De Havilland DH has 106 Comet in the 1950s, not a box office hit. Including the prototypes, only 114 copies of the four-reflector were built. It is just one of many examples of the aircraft history, where the commercial success was denied.

More recent examples include the legendary Supersonic aircraft Concorde with only 20 units built, and the Russian counterpart Tupolev Tu-144 with only 16 produced flyers are. Also, the Airbus A380, whose production runs out in 2021, is commercially a failure, even if the passengers love the super Jumbo. The manufacturer had hoped to sell more than 600 copies, is now clear: It 254 will be maximum.

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