The search for the better plane

For more than 100 years of research on the Blended-Wing-Body aircraft. Also Airbus, Boeing and co. see in the concept continues to be potential.

The idea is not new. On 1. In February 1910, the German aviation pioneer Hugo Junkers applied for a Patent for a "sliding plane with the recording of non-lift producing Parts serving for the hollow bodies". Has implemented it nine years later, such as in the Junkers G-38. In your fat wings, not only of fuel were carried, but also the six passengers.

Already in 1924, the British Westland Aircraft Works had presented a similar plane. The Dreadnought debuted in 1924, and had a thick wing, which was transferred directly into the fuselage. The two innovative concepts had one thing in common: The unusual shape will provide more lift and better aerodynamics.

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