The most terrible airport in the United States is now chic

New York's outdated domestic airport, La Guardia is completely renovated. The new arrival and departure hall of the Terminal B has now been opened. It was embellished with German art.

He was the most unpopular airport in New York. Outdated Terminals, poor access, no place: There were many reasons why passengers La Guardia chose the worst Airport in the USA. In 2015, the Governor of the state of New York ordered a billion-dollar overhaul.

An important milestone in the direction of recommencement of the New reached the York airport last Saturday (13. June). The airport operator, the Port Authority adopted the new and departure hall of the Terminal B in operation. While in the heavy of the Corona-crisis affected New York, air traffic – slow – to start up again, you are probably familiar with many of the passengers, the so-once-hated airport hardly.

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