The largest aircraft in the world flew for the first Time

Quietly and secretly it stood for the first time. The largest aircraft in the world, has completed its first flight. Passengers will be transported to the STRATO launch but never.

The largest aircraft in the world has reached another milestone. The STRATO-launch flew on Saturday morning (13. April) for the first time. She launched from the Mojave Air and Space Port to your maiden flight. Big announced that he was not. But he was successful, as the company reports. The plane was 2.5 hours in the air and reached a speed of 304 kilometers per hour.

Previously, various roll had taken place tests of the giant plane. The aircraft will have no passenger flights. It should one day carry the rocket into space. The STRATO launch, bringing it to a wingspan of 117 metres – a world record. The plane is 72 metres long and a maximum start weight of 590 tons. It is powered by six Pratt&Whitney 4056 engines, once belonged to two Boeing 747-400 of United Airlines.

Two Hulls

The STRATO-launch has two hulls. In the right of the pilots seats. In the left, the systems are housed. The cargo is placed under the middle part of the wing. Up to 225 tons are expected to you can wear. The range of manufacturers STRATO launch system with 3700 miles.

In the above image gallery with Video you see footage from the maiden flight of the STRATO-launch.

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