The first customer for new Brazilian regional flyer

The Brazilian young company Desaer developed a new turboprop plane. Now it has found a first customer for the ATL-100.

In São José dos Campos is only, Embraer doesn't fit. Also, the young company Desaer located in the Brazilian city, 80 kilometres North-East of São Paulo is low. It wants to build there planes. A year ago, the company presented the first draft of a new regional aircraft, the ATL-100 is hot. The twin-engine turboprop plane is designed for 19 passengers or three Container type LD3.

Now Desaer has found the first customers. The Brazilian AGS Logística has signed a letter of intent for the purchase of two ATL-100, and for an Option on a further three specimens. The company specializes in the Transport of sensitive goods. With the new plane you can't operate airports in all of Brazil, which had the best infrastructure, AGS-founder Alex Other Gulla to the Portal Airway.

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