The Cessna Sky Courier flies

Textron, the largest ever offered to the aircraft is flown for the first Time. The test pilots showed the mongrel of passenger and cargo airlines satisfied.

Suddenly everything happens very quickly. In March, Textron announced the completion of the first engine tests. However, the Corona-crisis led to the forced leave of absence of approximately two-thirds of the workforce and so for this year, the planned first flight of the Cessna 408 Sky Courier was suddenly uncertain.

However, on Sunday (17. Of may) is lifted off the new aircraft model for the first Time. Two hours and 15 minutes, the test pilot verified for the first time flight performance, stability, avionics as well as the control in the air, before they brought in the twin-engined propeller plane back on the Beech Field Airport in Wichita, Kansas back. After the maiden flight, the pilots of the Sky Courier were very satisfied.

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