The Airbus A330 took off after the collision, almost

An air traffic controller had to inform pilots of an Airbus A330 of Air France on a ground collision. The crew had interpreted the bumps wrong and the Start prepared.

The pilots of Air France flight AF498 waiting on a Taxiway to be able to their Airbus A330-200 on the runway will bring. 30. October of last year, should bring the long-range aircraft, 191 passengers and ten crew members from the Paris Charles De Gaulle airport to the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. A radio message of an attentive floor employee finished the trip, however, is still on the ground.

For a few minutes before the aircraft of a Airbus A330 from Delta Air Lines had been rammed in the rear. The pilots of Air France were not able to machine to see how the A330 of Delta collided with its left wing against the rear end of your aircraft, and it is damaged. However, the bump caused a jolt – the Air France pilots, however, a different cause is assigned.

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