Soon the first flights to land at the new airport of Eilat

The Ramon International Airport is at 21. January opened. He serves the seaside resort of Eilat and will replace two existing Airports.

It starts with domestic flights: At the 21. January will be opened in the presence of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the new airport of Eilat. He will replace the two existing airports in the Region. International flights currently land at the airport to Ovda (Iata Code: VDA). At night, he may no longer be served, because the slope is in a poor state. National routes are directed to the small Eilat airport (Iata Code ETH).

Initially, only flights will be from the Ilan and Assaf Ramon International Airport (Iata Code: ETM), according to the newspaper Times of Israel within Israel to withdraw. It is not yet clear, when the entire flight operations will move to the new airport. The new airport is located at around 18 kilometers from Eilat away, Timna valley, directly on the border to Jordan. A train to Eilat is in the planning stage, but at the beginning of Shuttles connect the airport in a ten minute drive with the resort.

Two million passengers in the year

First of all, the airport will be able to handle 2 million passengers in the year 2030 it is expected to be 4.2 million, it says on the side of the Ramon International Airport. With its 3600-Meter-long runway, it can accommodate even large aircraft such as the Boeing 747. He has, because of its location close to Egypt, a 26-metre-high and four and a half-kilometre-long anti-missile fence.

Was named the airport after the first Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon and his son Assaf, a fighter jet pilot. Ilan Ramon died when the space Shuttle Columbia in 2003 during re-entry into the earth's atmosphere in flames. His son died six years later in the crash of his F16 fighter jet during a training flight.

Also the airport in Jordan

In the immediate vicinity of the Jordanian King Hussain Airport. He serves the seaside resort of Aqaba. The new airport was not in the neighbouring country well. He limited the sovereignty of the Jordanian airspace and security. Arrivals and departures, the government.

You get in the above photo gallery an impression of the new airport of Eilat.

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