So Airbus makes the A320 Neo to the quick starter

The small runway of the city airport of Rio de Janeiro is considered to be tricky. Various adjustments to the Airbus A320 Neo will allow Azul, more recently, the use of the new jet in Santos Dumont.

For passengers the Landing and Start at the Santos Dumont airport as spectacular as for pilots. The city airport of Rio de Janeiro is located in the middle of the Brazilian metropolis. With precise approach and departure procedures, aircraft must be on the 710-Meter Corcovado with the famous Statue of Jesus the same way around as in high-rise buildings.

But not only the location makes Santos-Dumont demanding. With a length of 1300 meters, the airport has a very Short runway. Not every plane can start, therefore, with a profitable payload or land. The Airbus A320 Neo Azul can't get there. A technical Trick to change this.

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