Singapore Airlines pimp Lounges in Changi

The national airline of the city-state to serve their best clients even better. Singapore to build, therefore, your Lounges in Terminal 3 in Singapore Changi.

Who rises at Terminal 3 of Changi Airport in a plane of Singapore Airlines, the traveling to Europe, Australia or the United States. This pass is the national airline will offer passengers line of the city-state even more in the future – at least if you are one of the best customer. Renovated in the coming months, your Lounges in the building. You should then offer 30 percent more space.

The waiting rooms of Singapore Airlines for frequent flyers in Terminal 3 is not only bigger, they also get a Look that is "modern yet comfortable", but at the same time, "timeless elegance" broadcasts. The Lounges, in General, would open up, in addition, the facilities would be modernized, the airline said in a statement. The construction work will begin in August and will last until mid-2021. Thus, the faults are as low as possible, will be built in four stages, in which the customer temporary replacement Lounges are available.

Outdoor Seating

The Business Class Lounge will be enlarged and divided into four zones. Each is aimed at specific groups of customers. So there will be a Café for passengers with Short transfer times and a Restaurant with cooking stations where food is freshly prepared for visitors with more time. Also relaxation rooms with Beds for weary guests and an area with workstations for Avid are provided. In addition, a proper built-in Bar.

The Gold Lounge is even doubled. In it, there are more jobs, as well as more Seating and eating places Outdoors and Inside. The First Class Lounge will be completely renewed, and gets, among Other things, a full-service Restaurant.

In the above image gallery, you can see first impressions of the new Lounges of Singapore Airlines in Terminal 3 of Singapore Changi.

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