Search teams find part of the Swiss engine

An Airbus A220 lost in July, through France, parts of the engine. Now one of them was found in a wooded area.

In mid-October, the Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses, BEA 150 Volunteers sought. With you and various experts have combed the French aviation authority in the past few weeks, a wooded, unpopulated area in the vicinity of the French town of Perrigny-sur-Armancon. Search in the Burgundy had a very specific reason: The squad was looking for a flown-off aircraft engine parts, of an Airbus A220 Swiss.

The effort was not in vain. How the BEA reports have made the search parties, part of the engine of the Airbus A220 with the registration number HB-JCM locate. The flyers suffered at the 25. July were about France, the failure of a motor of the type PW1500G, Pratt & Whitney, the parts blasted. In the Jargon, one speaks in such an incident of an Uncontained Engine Failure.

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