Rolls-Royce is looking at the engine, the quantum leap

Rolls-Royce is working on a successor to the Trent engines. The Ultrafan is to usher in the drive for the next generation. However, as the manufacturer wants to do that?

Without it usually goes. If aircraft manufacturers want to make their products more modern or even a new model to develop, the without a new engine. Airbus A320 Neo and Boeing 737 Max have made it already a few years ago: That the new medium-haul aircraft are more fuel efficient than its predecessor fly, in addition to Changes to the Design for the most part, thanks to the new drives.

The soon to be also in the large space pilots possible. A beginning, Airbus has certainly made the A330 Neo. Boeing heard already in the last summer of the possible engines for a proposed system of New Middle of the Market Airplane or, in Short, NMA, which should be now implemented in a little more. Airbus is currently considering a re-engined of the A350, which already has an improved engine.

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