Reconstruction of the Boeing 747-8 to Regierungsjets has begun

2024 would withdraw Donald Trump's with new presidential Jets. Now the tag has been working on the Boeing 747-8, started, which will in future serve as Air Force One.

If Donald Trump is elected again in November, could he withdraw at the end of his second term with the brand-new Air Force One. 2024 will be the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental for launch, the future President of the United States. The air forces of the USA declared these days, you have added at the end of February the Work on the aircraft.

The presidential Version of the Boeing 747-8 is the VC-25B. The two current bright blue-and-white Jumbo jet of the United States – two converted, more than 32-year-old Boeing 747-200 – carry the designation VC-25A. The new pilot would serve "for the next 30 years" as the "flying White house", the tag competent air force Department with the long name is Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, AFLCMC.

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