Pallets had to support Jet of Lufthansa

In the case of a towing accident at the airport in Basel, the tyre of a Bombardier CRJ burst. As a result, the pilots of Lufthansa Cityline was unstable. Employees found an innovative solution to the Problem.

Euro pallets are actually designed for the Transport of goods. Students benefit from them but also as a bed frame in your room. And Hipsters have discovered them as a stylish item of furniture. Now, employees at the airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg have found a further use for the 120 × 80 × 14,4 cm wooden frames. You have jacked up to a Bombardier CRJ 900.

How it came to this unusual action? On Tuesday Morning (8. January) wanted to fly 38 passengers from the Airport in the triangle to Munich. But flight LH2401 didn't get far. When you push Back from the Gate it cracked suddenly, as the Basler Zeitung reported. The nose gear of the machine of Lufthansa Cityline had partially resolved from the holder of the aircraft tractor and was slammed to the ground. The two tires were flat.

Technicians search for the cause

The had to follow. The CRJ 900 of Lufthansa Cityline with the registration D-ACKD was now unstable. So that the passengers could get off the bus, had to be supported by the plane in the first place. And since the Euro pallet came into play. They were mounted under the fuselage. After 45 minutes, the passengers were allowed to exit the Jet. The exact cause of the mishap has not yet been clarified. "Technicians examine the aircraft," says a Lufthansa spokesman for the Basler Zeitung. Also, the ground service provider Swissport studied was able to jump, like the wheel from the bracket.

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