Lufthansa orders Airbus A350-900 and Boeing 787-9

Dreamliner to Lufthansa group ordered 20 new long-haul aircraft with Boeing, as well 20 at Airbus. The A380 will shrink fleet.

Lufthansa ordered new Langstreckenjets: The Supervisory Board has on Wednesday (13. March) the purchase of 40 aircraft for the airlines of the group decided. "20 Boeing 787-9 and 20 additional Airbus A350-900 will be in the long fleets of the Lufthansa Group route, in particular, is four-engine aircraft," - said in a statement. The new aircraft are to be delivered by the end of 2022 to 2027.

The Orders have prices a total value of 12 billion dollars, according to list. However, we have negotiated a significant discount, Lufthansa. The actual purchase price silence was agreed. "With the replacement of four-engined aircraft, through new twin-engine models, we set the long-term sustainable Basis for our future," said Lufthansa Chairman and CEO Carsten Spohr. Of the daughters, and at which airports the Jets, to be decided later.

A replacement for the Airbus A340

Swiss Chef Thomas Klühr had Recently said in an Interview with aeroTELEGRAPH: "We plan to replace the remaining five A340 starting in 2025 new aircraft." With high probability for you to decide for the A350 or the Dreamliner. "Both fit to our current fleet. The 787 is compatible with the 777, the A350 with the A330", so Klühr. "In both models, the retraining of pilots would be easy."

The Airlines of Lufthansa group operate today, a long fleet of 199 aircraft (December 2018), including twelve Airbus A350-900 range. A further 13 specimens had ordered the Airline earlier. From 2020, the airline's Boeing 777-9. On average, the new aircraft will consume, according to Lufthansa, only about 2.9 liters of kerosene per passenger and 100 kilometres flown. This is around 25 per cent less than their predecessor models. Up to the middle of the next decade, the entire length should be modernized-haul fleet.

Only eight more super-jumbos

"With the new, fuel-efficient aircraft, the operating costs are reduced compared to the previous models by around 20 percent," says Lufthansa. This will also have a positive impact on the CO2 balance. The company wants to reduce fleet diversity and complexity in the coming years and up to the middle of the next decade, seven aircraft types phasing out.

The Lufthansa Executive Board informed the Supervisory Board on Wednesday over the sale of six of the 14 A380 Airbus. The aircraft left the Lufthansa 2022 and 2023. The purchase price was not disclosed, said in the message. "Lufthansa continuously reviews the profitability of its global route network," writes the company. "Therefore, the Lufthansa Group reduced, for economic reasons, the number of their Airbus A380 fleet of 14 aircraft, to eight."

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